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There are multiple Ferry Services in the harbors of Macau, both at Macau’s Outer Harbour, and at Fisherman’s Wharf. The Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal, is also known as the Macau Ferry Terminal or Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Pier in Chinese. It is located at Porto Exterior, Macau Peninsula, Macau and will take you to and from Hong Kong for a fee starting at HKD130.00. The Ferry takes roughly 50 minutes or just under an hour to get to either side of the South China Sea. The alternative means of travel for those who don’t mind spending the extra money to avoid the crowds and get to Hong Kong faster, is to take a helicopter, which is only a 15-minute ride but at a much higher cost. The Ferry Services in Macau see an average of more than 150 rides to and from Hong Kong and Macau each and every day, having many Ferries going constantly. You will be using the Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal service if you are leaving from Macau. Or choosing from either the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal or China Ferry Terminal in Kowloon if traveling to Macau.

Departure and arrival terminals in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal (港澳码头)
Service time: 24 hours (daily)

Located in the Shun Tak Center (信德中心) this ferry is for passengers coming from the Hong Kong International Airport who may take the airport express (departing every 10 minutes from 05:50 to 00:48) to Hong Kong Station (香港站). Travelers will then take a taxi to the terminal. All in all you are looking at a total cost of around HKD130 to ride the ferry.

You could alternatively take bus A11 (departing every 15 minutes from 05:50 to 00:48) to the terminal which costs only HKD18.

You also have the option of taking a taxi from the airport straight to the terminal, which will cost passengers HKD375.

China Ferry Terminal (中国客运码头)
Service time: 07:00–22:30 (daily)
Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon (九龙尖沙咀).

Departure and arrival terminals in Macau:

Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal (澳门外港码头)
Service time: 24 hours

Where to Buy Tickets:

Ticket Offices in Hong Kong

  • Floor 3, Shun Tak Center, 200 Connaught Road, Central, Shangwan 上环干诺道中200号信德中心三楼
  • China Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀中国客运码头
  • China Travel Service’ branches in Hong Kong and Kowloon 中旅社港九各分社

Ticket Offices in Macau

  • The Departure Hall in Floor 2, New Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal (新港澳码头二楼离境大堂)
  • Hotel Lisboa 葡京酒店
  • The Arrival Hall in Macau International Airport (澳门国际机场的机场入境大堂)

Approximate Ticket Fares

There are two different ticket fares, for day sailing and night sailing.

Day Sailing (07:00–17:59)

Hong Kong→Macau
From Mon. to Fri. Weekends and Public Holidays
Common Seat HKD 133 HKD 148
Luxury Seat HKD 238 HKD 253
Macau→Hong Kong
Common Seat MOP 130 MOP 155
Luxury Seat MOP 245 MOP 260

Night Sailing (18:00–06:00 or 18:00–22:30)

Hong Kong→Macau
From Mon. to Fri. Weekends and Public Holidays
Common Seat HKD 168 HKD 168
Luxury Seat HKD 268 HKD 268
Macau→Hong Kong
Common Seat MOP 175 MOP 175
Luxury Seat MOP 275 MOP 275

Jetfoil Transport:

You could always choose to ride in luxury by taking the Jetfoil Transport Service. For a higher price, passengers can ride the five-star Premier Jetfoil, a luxury speed boat ferry service of a much higher quality. You can arrive or depart from Macau, Hong Kong or the Hong Kong International Airport. The travel time is about 55 minutes. Aboard the Jetfoil, guests will be treated to a five-star service with an LED lighting system, on board Samsung entertainment systems, a VIP cabin which comes equipped with self-controlled AC and lighting, as well as free WiFi service. Passengers who ride in the VIP cabin can use the digital meal reservation service online by reserving a meal at Turbo Jet Booking 24 hours in advance of sailing time for a specified choice of cuisine. You can also visit the site for embarkation times, ticket pricing, and booking your reserved ticket aboard the Jetfoil Transport Service.

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