Taxi Services

Taxis In Macau

Taxi Services

With roughly 1,100 taxis throughout Macau that provide convenient service for citizens and tourists this could be a convenient option. Bare in mind that taxi services can be somewhat pricey compared to shuttles or other means of transport in Macau. It can be challenging to hail a taxi, especially at the airport or Border Gate. Taxis here are usually in yellow and white and can hold 4-6 passengers. White taxis usually can accommodate at most 4 passengers.

There are maps provided in Chinese, Portuguese, and English for tourists courtesy of the Tourism Administration Bureau. This can be a good way for tourists to generally know the city from the special “tour guide”

Taxi Reservation Phone:

  • 853 2851 9519
  • 853 2893 9939

Charging Standard:

Category Fare
First 1,600m (1.750yd) 17MOP$
Every Extra 260m (285yd) 2MOP$
Waiting Fee 2MOP$/minute
Luggage Left at Compartment 3MOP$/piece
Taipa – Coloane Island 2MOP$
Macao Peninsular – Coloane Island 5MOP$
Boarding at Macao International Airport 5MOP$

Car Rental Services

However, if you have specific plans here in Macau, a rental service may be just the thing. If you have very specific plans and a tight itinerary to follow, you might benefit most from a rental service. Of course, then you must decide the level of luxury for your rental. If you intend to visit the VIP room at the height of luxury in some of Macau’s most notoriously decadent game halls, you may not be comfortable rolling up in a cheap beater Honda on its last legs of service.

Perhaps you would be more suited to renting a luxury sports car to better fit your taste and select style – such services are of course available here in the Gambling Mecca of the world, where decadence and luxury flow like fountains of gold. We have just the thing no matter what your choice of travel may be!

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