Shopping in Macau

Shopping in Macau is one of the most popular tourist activities. Connoisseurs of luxury goods travel from all over the world for Macau’s incredible shopping opportunities. There are endless luxury brand name shops here in Macau. Top-name brands appear in shopping centers and storefronts throughout the city. The casino patrons and tourists in this region attract many luxury brands and designer labels. Many of the resorts here house luxury retail shopping centers. Here you’ll be privy to top designer brands such as Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Armani, Louis Vuitton, and more. We’ve never seen so many coveted brand names offered in one place.

There is an incredible shopping center at Fisherman’s Wharf, only a short walking distance from the casinos and hotels. In the shopping boutiques in The Venetian Macau Resort, the storefronts are spread throughout a replica of Venice, Italy. Gondolas drift by in an impressive canal. You’ll feel as if you’ve really taken to the streets of Venice, and you’ll find only the finest brand-name luxury goods.

Shopping in Mainland China

Shops in other parts of China are vastly different from the shops you’ll find here. In mainland China, shopping is known to be cheap and often times the brands you’ll discover are low quality imitations. In contrast, the shops here in Macau cater to a luxury-obsessed market. The prices are high for authentic designer goods. However, some of the biggest names in designer fashion offer items exclusive to Macau. There are some items you can only find in Macau. Products from some of the most recognized and sought after brands in the world.

Shopping Centers in Macau

If it’s your first time in Macau as a traveler, you may need some advice on where to shop. Keep in mind that most of the notable shopping centers of Macau are located in the casinos themselves. If you visit a great casino, you’ll most likely find a luxury shopping center as well. So, be prepared to find yourself in a retail environment.

Here’s a list of the popular shopping malls in Macau –

Grand Canal

For shoppers looking for luxury goods, jewelry items and antiques, the Grand Canal is just the right place to be. Extending over a huge area of one million square feet, this shopping mall is one of the most visited in the city of Macau. There are 350 shops here, each featuring high quality and branded items that you would love to buy. The Grand Canal is located in Venetian Macao, which is a 39-story high luxury hotel and casino resort.

Wynn Macau

This is a shopping mall well-known for designer clothing. Constructed by the Wynn Casino Resort Corporation, this shopping center is a major crowd puller. It features an array of luxury apparel from popular brands like Dior, Gucci, Prada, Armani and more. Read more about all this luxury resort has to offer in our review of the Wynn Macau.

The Shoppes

One of the first major Casinos you’ll encounter on the Cotai strip is Sands Cotai Central. It presents a world-class shopping experience in combination with a wonderful choice of hotels. You’ll find stunning entertainment facilities and an unforgettable dining experience. The Shoppes offers you the Shoppes at Four Seasons, the Shoppes at Venetian Macao and the Shoppes at Sand Cotai Central.

New Yaohan

New Yaohan is most popular for its variety of electronic items. It’s owned by the parent company Sociedade de Turismo e Diversões de Macau (STDM). New Yaohan is a frequent haunt of travelers and shoppers both locally and abroad. Apart from electronics, New Yaohan also features cosmetics, clothing, children’s wear, stationary and fashionable clothes. The shopping center occupies a position opposite to the Ferry Terminal in Fisherman’s Wharf (very close to the Amizade Strip).

One Central Macau

A regular haunt of shoppers from around the world, the One Central Macau complex extends over an area of 200,000 sq ft. This mall is fully geared up to cater to your shopping needs. The architectural elegance of the complex is also a pleasure to see. One Central Macau can be found in Circle Square, a location found in the metropolitan down town area of greater Macau, minutes away from the Amizade Strip.

Fisherman’s Wharf

The architecture will quickly remind you of the design on which the Fisherman’s Wharf of United States and Europe have been modeled. For anyone traveling to Macau and interested in buying fashionable clothes, jewelry items and souvenirs, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the biggest attractions.

Galaxy Macau

For luxury shoppers, the Galaxy Macau is a great destination. The East and the West Promenades at this place feature a wide range of luxurious items. This high-end retail shopping mall and casino can be found in the world famous Cotai Strip.

Rua de S. Paulo

A visit to this place serves you one more wonderful purpose than shopping – exploration of historical Macau on foot. While you take a stroll through the street soaking up the culture and the history of the city, you can also buy a range of furniture and antique items. If you wish to buy attractive souvenirs to carry back home, this is the best place to find them. Your trip to Macau can’t be completed without exploring this vitally culturally enlightening historical district of Macau. If you’d like to discover more of the fascinating cultural attractions and rich history of Macau, visit our section dedicated to cultural sites and museums.

Macau Creations

This shopping center is located in the city center of the Cotai Strip. It’s a place where you’ll have the pleasure of exploring the artistic brilliance exhibited by the city’s local artists. If you’re in search of souvenirs that speak volumes about the local culture and heritage of Macau, you’ll do yourself a favor visiting this art gallery and its various shops.

Red Market

Another frequent haunt of shoppers visiting Macau from all around the world, the Red Market derives its name from a number of red-brick buildings, built by the Portuguese in the 20th century. If you move a little past Red Market along Av. De Horta e Costa, you’ll come across the Three Lamps District. Here, you’ll find innumerable shops selling a range of jewelry items, clothes, shoes and electronic gadgets among others. Not too far to the West of the Red Market you’ll find Ponte 16 casino resort, in the Inner Harbor district of Macau.

Local Shopping

The Macau Creations and the Red Market, mentioned above, are perfect locations to indulge in local shopping. A bazaar held in the Taipa Village from 11:00 am till 8:00 pm is also a must. If you’re planning to buy Macau-made items of handicraft, clothes, souvenirs etc. Pawnshops are also quite ubiquitous in Macau. Most of all, those that are located close to the Lisboa Casino. Whichever local items catch your attention, always remember to bargain as much as possible to get the best deals, as haggling and barter are the ways of trade here in Asia.

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