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Hong Kong – A Ferry Ride Away

Hong Kong is the only other SAR or Special Administrative Region of China. In many regards Hong Kong has a similar atmosphere to that of Macau. When compared to other regions throughout China, both Hong Kong and Macau have very unique means of operation. The government in these regions is very laid back. Policy permits a very open economical structure that allows all the exciting and decadent entertainment you’ll find in both regions. We hesitate to say these are cities of sin and excitement compared to the rest of China which bares a rather uptight bureaucratic environment.

You certainly won’t find the decadence focused around Macau or Hong Kong anywhere else in China. In fact, you won’t find a casino density like Macau has anywhere else in the world! This special administration of the region gives way to the perfect paradise of entertainment in both regions. Fortunately for you, should you find yourself visiting either region, you’ll be only a brief Ferry ride away (or Helicopter) from either region. About an hours boat ride (or just a fifteen minute helicopter ride) over a small stretch of sea known as the Zhujiang River Estuary in the South China Sea.

Ferry Between Hong Kong and Macau

Ferry Rides to and from Hong Kong and Macau, and alternatively Zhuhai province or Lantau Island, are relatively cheap. They can start at just HKD120 for the whole trip totaling roughly 50 minutes. You’ll be leaving or docking from the Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal should you go from Macau to Hong Kong, which serves as the major Ferry terminal for Macau’s pedestrian traffic over the South China Sea. There is of course the Turbo ferry option as well. To read more about the ferry services including the turbo ferry follow the link.

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