Poker in Macau

Poker isn't as common in Macau as it is in the West. Recently the casinos of Macau have started to pick up on the popularity of poker and a few of the largest casinos have opened poker rooms to accommodate their western patrons both VIP and casual players respectably, and introducing this game to a world of players largely obsessed with baccarat in the past. New poker rooms are set to pop up around Macau in the future, but for now you are limited to a selection of just six poker rooms in Macau with a seventh rumored to be opening at the Ponte 16 Casino Resort. Thanks to it's freshness and its slow growing appeal to the market in Macau, you'll likely only find games of No Limit Hold em' or Omaha at some venues, but hopefully we see more games added in the future as poker grows in popularity.

The six aforementioned poker rooms of Macau include: the King Poker Room at Star World Casino Resort, the Wynn Poker Room at Wynn Macau Casino Resort, the Poker King Club at Venetian Macao Casino Resort, Pavilion Poker Room at Galaxy Macau Casino Resort, PokerStars LIVE Macau in the City of Dreams Resort, and the MBP poker room at Babylon Casino Macau. There are rumors of a new poker room opening in the Ponte 16 resort in the Macau's Inner Harbor, but these rumors have yet to be officially confirmed.

The PokerStars Live poker room at City of Dreams is known for hosting major poker tournaments as well as the MBP poker room at Babylon, and the Pavilion Poker room has also announced since it's opening in September last year that it would be hosting poker tournaments as the room continues to evolve. The PokerStars Live tournaments are known to be broadcasted as a television event, in Asia. If you're a rated poker player looking for a big winning and a chance to play on live television, that's definitely the poker room of choice for you. Poker is relatively new to the region, a seasoned player from the west just might have an advantage over the players of Macau, but we'll leave that to you veterans of Poker to find out for yourselves.

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