Hotel Fortuna Casino

63 Rua de Cantão, Macau

(853) 898 21328

Gaming at the Hotel Fortuna Casino:

As for the actual Casino of the Hotel Fortuna, Minimum and Maximum bets are set in HKD (Hong Kong Dollars – They do not accept Macanese money at this casino) this fact is certainly worth taking note of in case you had been used to the Macanese currency utilized by the local economy and included venues of the region. The casino itself is composed mostly of the standard casino game formats – Blackjack, Baccarat, and Big-Small, the main focus of which being Baccarat – a regional favorite at most of the casinos in Macau as visitors will quickly realize. Casinos patrons will find a total of 48 tables here at the Hotel Fortuna – small in comparison to it’s nearby competitors, but a fair size for a casino of it’s size, and in this region you’ll find gaming is in no short supply if you’re willing to venture mere meters away through the heart of downtown.

Hotel Fortuna Casino

Hotel Fortuna Casino may not be one of the larger casinos in Macau, but it’s convenient location and apt design makes it worth recommendation. If table games are your preference, in particular Baccarat tables, this casino is surely a place you’ll enjoy visiting. It’s relatively small gaming room floor of 17,000 square feet is comprised predominantly by Baccarat tables and Blackjack but does feature other standard table games. The Hotel Fortuna’s Casino is open to game patrons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, like most of the casinos in town.

One quality  of the Fortuna you may notice that sets it apart from others of comparable size and price range, is it’s wide selection of dining available on location. It does have a very convenient location next to the heart of the casino action of downtown Macau. You’ll find it is very close to all the major casinos of the region and the most extravagant partying destinations of the city are right around the corner from this neat little hotel and casino. The dining selection of this hotel which sets it apart from its neighboring casinos and hotels is certainly worth mentioning as well. Luxury dining is in no short supply here, adding to the atmosphere of this hotel, featuring 5 upscale luxury restaurants of various styles of cuisine to suit whatever your appetite desires.  Guests who enjoy the nightlife will be pleased to find the Fortuna Nightclub within this pleasant hotels atmosphere, adding to the entertainment provided by the Hotel Fortuna Casino & Hotel.

There is a free shuttle bus from the hotel to the pier or the border of town – a convenient courtesy of guests that may come in handy when seeking to explore the rest of Macau on your stay here. It’s free cost will save guests from the relatively high taxi-fares in the region.

All in all, the location, selection of fine dining and generally pleasant atmosphere and service is what makes the Hotel Fortuna a noteworthy contender on the hotel and entertainment scene. Hotel Fortuna Casino can be found a brief walk from its next door Kam Pek Paradise Casino and Hotel President Casino on the main drag of downtown Macau. This hotel and its nearby gaming facilities are sure to bless guests with a grand gaming experience in line with the wonder of Macau and all it has to offer the gambling enthusiast of all type. If Blackjack and Baccarat are your favorite, this convenient and compelling hotel & casino is sure to catch your eye and be well worth checking out!

Dining at the Hotel Fortuna Casino:

Guests of Hotel Fortuna Casino have five luxury dining options at their finger tips and one high-end nightclub for drinking and music after hours. For Seafood and Asian cuisine courtesy of world class internationally acclaimed chef Mr. Yeung Koon Yat at the famous Abalone Ah Yat Restaurant. His unsurpassed cooking style and expertise has earned him the title “Chef of the Century” and the exquisite specialty menu selections are a testament to his world-class recognition. Seafood Specialties found here include – Shark’s fin, Abalone and Bird’s Nest Dishes in an oriental style with a classic touch of fine dining and expert chef preparation.

Other restaurants include:

  • Fortuna Court: Serving breakfast, Asian, American, and Portuguese styles of cuisine at a fair price
  • Fortuna Japanese Restaurant: Serving Steak, Japanese Fusion, Sushi, and Japanese style seafood dishes
  • Hotpot Ah Yat (Tung Vu) Restaurant: Serving traditional Chinese style Seafood and Hotpot *an excellent regional serving style we highly recommend
  • Fortune Lounge: Serving light casual meals in the front lobby of an Asian and American style, specializing in small plate appetizers for a light snack

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