Grandview Hotel & Casino Macau

142 Estrada Governador Albano de Oliveira, Taipa, Macau

(853) 288 37788

Gaming at the Grandview Hotel & Casino:

Though the Grandview offers limited gaming options when compared to some of the more massive mega resorts and casinos of Macau, there are gambling options here – though we all know the MJC is where the real gambling is done here in Taipa! There is the Grandview Slot Machine Hall on the first floor of the hotel. It’s small in size and limited in selection of games being a simple slots hall, but it’s there to keep you entertained if you feel you need a break from the stands at the Racing Complex. There are roughly 60 – 100 slot machines in total here at the Grandview. Guests will also find some electronic tables available for those tech-simulated table games. There are a few live dealers (not many mind you) managing Blackjack and Baccarat tables here, but hopefully you didn’t come all this way to the Grandview just to play table games and slots when the rest of Macau has so much to offer in this area!

The finest quality of the Grandview is of course it’s close proximity to the Macau Jockey Club, where all the real betting action takes place – and should you find yourself here at the Grandview by sheer luck and haven’t taken notice to the horse races, we do strongly recommend it! Betting on the horses can be a real thrill and of course the payout’s are the most exciting part if luck is on your side!

Grandview Hotel & Casino Macau

The Grandview Hotel & Casino (Also known by some as the MJC Casino due to it’s convenient location in relation to the Macau Jockey Club & Racing Complex or MJC) is in the ideal location for a hotel and casino near the horse racing track. If you’re looking for a place to stay while watching and betting on the races at the MJC this is the place to be by all accounts. Although the casino here is small when compared to the other casino’s of Macau, the real reason for most of this hotels guests is the horse racing (and betting of course)!

There are fine accommodations at this hotel to make your stay comfortable and more than pleasant. There is a luxury spa, plenty of restaurants to select from inside the hotel, guest rooms and package deals for a stay here are affordable in price, and all the standard hotel amenities one would expect from a 3 or 4 star hotel are present here at the Grandview. Aside from it’s convenient location relative to the Macau Jockey Club, this hotel is just a short walk away from the Cotai Strip, and an even shorter cab ride if you’d rather save yourself the trouble of walking. The Cotai Strip is of course, home to some of the worlds biggest and best luxury resorts and casino’s, well worth the trip if you’re set on staying here at the Grandview for easy access to the MJC. Galaxy Macau Mega Resort would be the closest mega resort in the region, and also one of the best in Macau, we strongly urge any guest to this beautiful region of Taipa to explore the Cotai Strip during your stay!

Dining at the Grandview:

  • Kuan I Hin: Serving Chinese, Dim Sum

Found on the second floor of the Grandview Hotel Casino guests will be delighted to find the Kuan I Hin restaurant. Here patrons of the restaurants can enjoy luxury dining and authentic Chinese cuisine and Dim Sum plus local specialties offering a bit of local culture to your palate. Prices range from $500MOP for a table of four to $1380MOP for a table of eight. Single dishes can range from $58MOP to $200MOP offering such exquisite delicacies as Fried Egg White with Crap Roe and Crab Fillets, Sauteed Prawns with Strawberry, or Crispy Pigeon. Other menu items include traditional style dishes comprised of Shrimp, Winter Melon and Assorted Meat Soup, Special Salty Chicken, Stewed Beef Brisket with Radish, Sauteed Shrimps with Chive in XO Sauce, Steamed Fresh Snapper, Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetables, Sauteed Scallops and Squid and many more offerings, the menu here is truly impressive!

Call (823) 8896-1901 to make reservations!

  • Valencia Restaurant: Serving Breakfast, Seafood, Asian, Portuguese, International

The Valencia Restaraunt offers a wider range in the cultural influence on their dishes with their slightly more continental menu – with dishes ranging from the Asian traditionally prepared seafood of the region to Portuguese cuisine and international dishes. The restaurant is a casual dining experience with meals costing roughly 90MOP average per person – a very reasonable price especially considering the quality of the meals here! There is 3 hours free parking for the restaurant if you rented a vehicle (or have your own). There is also a unique Portuguese Dinner Buffet served Friday to Sunday 6:00PM to 9:30PM. These dishes are incredible especially for the price – lots of seafood selection here so if you love seafood this restaurant is an excellent choice.

Call (823) 8896-1982 to make reservations

  • Cherrie’s Corner: Serving snacks, coffee, tea, and beer – a sort of 24 hour concession stand and bar found in the hotel lobby.

A Brief History of the Race Track –

The Macau Jockey Club & Racing Complex has gone by it’s current name since 1989 and has changed ownership a number of times, at present it lies in the hands of Dr. Stanley Ho since he bought it out in 1991. Two tracks are found on the complex – a sand track, and a turf track, both seeing a nearly equal number of races each year. A solid 80% of the horses here in Macau can handle racing on either track. This has resulted in the average number of starts per horse at the MJC being higher than in the US, Australia, or Great Britain – essentially, more races take place here than almost any other horse racing track in the world with few exceptions.

Each race is run in a clockwise direction with variant distance races ranging from 1,100 meters up to 1,700 meters. The longer track is the outer ring turf track which totals 1,600 meters in length. The shorter inner track – the sand track – runs at a length of 1,400 meters. Both tracks are well maintained and the horses trained to optimum health and racing capacity, this complex is truly kept to a premium quality at an international standard worthy of world-wide envy.

The four story Grandstand where the races are viewed from contains a press box, and can seat up to 15,000 spectators without fail. It is open to the public, however, spectators must be at least 18 years of age to enter the track and place bets. Two races are held each week – on Friday’s and on the weekends. The Jockey club is one of the largest private employers in Macau with roughly 1,000 full time employee positions and 600 part time employees. It is a pivotal element to Macau’s casino and gambling driven economy in this regard, let this fact keep you warm inside knowing that your doing your part to contribute to this growing economy by betting on the live races!

Of course you can read more details regarding the Macau Jockey Club & Racing Complex here!

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