Taipa Across the Water


the greater Taipa region as a whole is unique relative to the other districts on our site in that it is focused more on site seeing than anything else. There is of course the Macau Jockey Club & Racing Complex, and several luxury hotels for your stay here, but ultimately, you’ll find this region is of a greater cultural relevance than it is a casino district. As a result, the cultural sites and museums of the district of Taipa are the best reason to visit. For this reason you’ll find Taipa a great destination for tourism and cultural exploration. Of course there are the luxurious treatments and accommodations of the hotels here, and the MJC is a popular place for betting on the horse races.

Gambling in Taipa

Gambling in Taipa isn’t as grandiose as you’ll find in the nearby Cotai Strip. In spite of this, gambling enthusiasts will find the Macau Jockey Club & Racing Complex a great betting venue, as well as the Mocha Slots clubs at some of the finer hotels of the region. The restriction on casinos found outside of the designated districts is accountable for the lack of major casinos in this region, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some ways to game in this district.

Macau Jockey Club & Horse Racing Complex

Macau Jockey Club & Horse Racing Complex is one of the best places in the world for betting on live horse races

Macau Jockey Club & Racing Complex:

The Macau Jockey Club is the place to go for horse races and betting. It’s one of the few places to gamble in the Greater Taipa region. It may not be the same luxury and grandeur of the casinos of the Amizade Strip, but it’s certainly an environment worth scoping out. The MJC for short is also very popular with the locals. It should be mentioned that to enter this 4 story set of stands and place bets you must be at least 18 years of age.

Mocha Slots Hall at the Altira Macau:

This is one of the true gambling destinations of the region. Here you’ll find from the first floor lobby a full casino of slots and baccarat tables. There are a total of 170 game tables here at the Mocha Slots Hall at the Altira. In addition to the table games here you’ll also find 111 slot machines. Due to the low occupancy of this hotel you shouldn’t have too much issue finding available games to play on compared to some of the bigger casinos in Macau. The Altira is also a very highly acclaimed 5-star hotel and one of international acclaim.

Tourism in Taipa

Tourism is one of Taipas best assets by far. You’ll find that although there aren’t many cultural sites or museums, they are of great cultural value. The historical value of this district is the biggest attraction factor. Tourist’s come to the region of Taipa for the high quality hotel’s of the region, the Horse Races, and the cultural experience one can only have here in Taipa.

Cultural Sites of Taipa

Though there are only so many cultural sites here in Taipa, you’ll find the village itself is of great historic value both in a classical sense and in the more recent 20th century presence it’s had. A fun fact about a casino of the region, Greek Mythology at New Century Hotel (which has temporarily closed as of this year) was used for a movie shoot in 1999. The movie “Casino” included a scene in which the lobby was shot up; The movie was banned in Macau however.

Pou Tai Un Monastery:

Pou Tai Un Monastery

Pou Tai Un Monastery – The most beautiful monastery in Taipa

The Pou Tai Un Monastery, first founded in the 19th century is by far one of the most beautiful temples in the region. It has been maintained and seen growth through a quality vegetarian restaurant that operates to this day. The scenery in and around the temple is quite beautiful. There is also a subsistence garden here where the food is freshly grown for customers and monks of the temple monastery. All proceeds of course go to the growth and upkeep of this gorgeous temple, and it is by far one of the finest cultural sites in the region.

Garden of Flower City

The Garden of Flower City is a walled modern interpretation of the traditional Chinese garden. It features lotus ponds and pavilions as well as winding bridges and steps. The garden is of a traditional Chinese architectural style. The garden has taken a modern approach to attracting visitors by also including a small skate park. In addition to a skate park there is a children’s playground. It is a modern approach to a traditionally styled structure.

Houses of Taipa Museum

The Houses of Taipa Museum features reconstructed homes of the wealthier regional merchants. All retain the traditional colonial architectural style of the past. It reminds visitors of the styles and traditions of a bygone era. Mostly featured in the museum are daily lives and traditional fittings of life in such homes. Many merchants in Macau’s past came upon great affluence as merchants. This renovation of colonial homes is found on Beach Avenue. It features a series of homes in the traditionally bright sub-tropical teal colors common to the era.

Carmel Garden

Found very close to the Houses of Taipa Museum is the Carmel Garden. This garden is a European garden also set near the Church of Our Lady of Carmel on a hill overlooking Taipa village. It’s very traditional European features include stone benches and fountains, and vine-covered gazebos. One of its best features is its beautiful views of the village, which can be observed from atop a spiral belvedere path. It is yet another symbol of European influence in the region and a testament to the Portuguese merchants.

Museum of Taipa and Coloane History

The Museuam of Taipa and Coloane History hosts a collections of artifacts. Most of the collection was found in the island regions of Taipa and Coloane. This museum focuses on all historic relics of this islands past. Also featured are the histories of the growth of this tropical island. Macau has exploded in the past century and even more in the past few decades. Many historically significant exhibits highlight the history of Macau and Taipa.

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