Districts of Macau

The Different Districts of Macau

Macau can be divided into many different districts depending on what you wish to categorize it by. There are three official districts here: Macau, Taipa, and Coloane. Here we break down the districts of Macau based on the attractions and the kinds of entertainment you’ll find in various regions of the city. These districts have been designated based on the collective of experiences in Macau. They are well known by both regular visitors and those who call Macau home.

Each district has it’s own historical value, attractions, and casinos. Some parts of Macau are heavily focused on cultural heritage and have a lot of historic sites you may want to visit. Others have their own offerings focused primarily on gambling, due to the administrative law on casinos being kept within designated areas. This is to keep the casinos from overtaking residential areas. To the benefit of Macau’s visitors, it makes certain casinos very easy to reach within these districts.

District Guides

Here we have broken down your travel to Macau into five detailed regional guides and one major overview of tourism throughout the whole of Macau. Each guide contains highlights the region. We brief you on each of the most notable and recommendable attractions and resorts of the district. These regions are ambiguously defined by their offerings. However, each one has it’s own flavor of cultural and historical value, as well as its own variety of tourist attractions and resorts or hotels. Choosing what to see first is entirely up to you, but we hope that these highlights can give some insight into making your decision.

Tourism in Macau:

Tourism in Macau is what has brought the city such economic success. Macau has not only the best casinos and resorts in the world, but also a plethora of fascinating historical and cultural sites. This city has a rich history and a unique blend of cultures culminating into one beautiful city. You won’t find another place in the world like it. This is due to its great volume of luxury casinos, resorts, tourist attractions, museums, and historical sites. In this guide you’ll find highlights of some of the best places to visit during your travels to Macau.

The Amizade Strip:

The Amizade Strip is the lesser known name for the casino dense region at the heart of downtown Macau. It is a a beautiful part of the city to say the least. Full of luxury resorts and casinos catering to both the VIP and mass market, it is a tourist hot spot of international recognition. The Amizade Strip is a region that is somewhat ambiguous, and tends to bleed into Fisherman’s Wharf to a degree. It is hard to draw the line of where the strip ends and Fisherman’s Wharf begins. However, we do our best to define this downtown sector of Macau and highlight all the best activities within it.

The Inner Harbor:

The Inner Harbor of Macau may not have the huge list of casinos and resorts like Fisherman’s Wharf, or the Amizade strip. However, it does have the Ponte 16 and several other hotels as well as the Canidrome. It is more properly associated with its historical value as the site of the A-Ma temple and the destination where the Portuguese first arrived in what is now Macau. The Inner Harbor of Macau has a strong historical background and many cultural sites and museums. In this guide we highlight the best tourist attractions and historical sites of the region, for which the Inner Harbor is best known for.

Fisherman’s Wharf:

Rife with beautiful architecture, shopping and cuisine, and luxury casino entertainment. Fisherman’s wharf is the harbor you’re most likely to enter Macau from by Ferry. It’s quite the introduction to this sub-tropical paradise. Casinos of international acclaim and as a lineup of cultural and historical sites to visit are key elements of this district. Here we highlight the best casinos and museums of the district. It can be difficult to define where Fisherman’s Wharf ends and the Amizade Strip begins. In spite of this fact we do our best to define the district by it’s unique qualities. This guide will help you decide what to see first as you enter Macau should you arrive by Ferry.

The Cotai Strip:

The Cotai Strip is home to several of the largest and most extravagant Casino Resorts, shopping districts, and five-star hotels in Macau. There is a massive assortment of casinos here in the Cotai Strip. Cotai itself is a name for the region which exists on the borders of Taipa and Coloane. This district is best known for it’s over the top VIP casinos and hotels rivaled by no other city on Earth. In this guide we highlight all the best casinos and hotels as well as shopping centers and nightclubs to visit while in Cotai.

Greater Taipa:

Taipa is the official region of Macau between the mainland peninsula and it’s bridge connected Island of Coloane. Although Taipa may not be best known for its casinos, there is the Macau Jockey Club & Racing Complex, and a multitude of historical and cultural sites, as well as some excellent hotels and tourist attractions. In this guide we highlight all of the best places to visit while in the Greater Taipa district.

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