Altira Macau Hotel & Mocha Slots Hall

Altira Macau, Taipa, Macau

(853) 2886 8866

Gaming at the Mocha Slots Hall:

Found on the first few floors of the Altira Macau Hotel, guests will be greeted by the relatively large game room floors of the Mocha Slots Hall. The casino is focused primarily on hosting Baccarat tables, however, as it’s name would suggest, there are ample slot machines for guests to play on. The slots section of the casino is found in the corner off to the right of the main entrance to the gaming floor. The staff here is incredibly friendly and accommodating, and service here is excellent by all accounts.

There are a total of 170 table game tables including Blackjack, Baccarat, and Commission Free Baccarat – although more may have been added since our last visit as is implied by the news surrounding the Mocha Slots Hall as of late. There are 111 slot machines available to patrons of the hotel – a modest number compared to other larger casinos, but still a fair degree of available slot machines. The population of the hotel is relatively small, so finding an available game should not prove too much of a challenge.

Altira Macau Hotel & Mocha Slots Hall

Altira Macau Hotel & Mocha Slots Hall, formerly known as “Crown Macau”, after it’s owners Melco Crown Entertainment, opened in May 2007. The table games and the Mocha Slots parlor however, are relatively new installments having opened in 2013. The Casino in the Altira Macau Mocha Slots Hall isn’t exactly small but when compared to some of the larger properties in Macau it’s fairly minor in size at roughly 200,000 square feet of game room floor space. Patrons of the Mocha Slots Hall will find 170 table games and 111 slot machines, providing a fair gambling experience and plenty of available games to pick and choose.

The hotel truly is a splendid stay and if budget is not an issue this is the best hotel in the region according to many past guests. The hotel was awarded best 5-star hotel at the Asia Pacific Hotel Awards. It was awarded the 2010 China Golden Pavilion’s choice as best business hotel in all of Macau. Forbes travel guides awarded this wonderful hotel the best 5-star hotel and spa of the year in both 2011 and 2012. Trust us when we say that this hotel truly is a blessing to stay at if you can afford its luxury and quality customer service.

The Mocha Slots Hall Casino is focused mostly toward the business crowd, and VIP players predominantly from the region – guests will find a majority of patrons are local businessmen from within the region as very few foreigners venture to the Altira it seems. But you would truly be missing out if you let this fact deter you from staying here. It’s opulence and luxury amenities as well as it’s many recent improvements to all aspects of the experience provided here have seen it grow into a highlight of any vacation to Macau. We assure all guests of this hotel that any stay here will be greeted with warmth and satisfaction, you will not be disappointed by a stay here at the Altira Hotel & Mocha Slots Hall Casino. Just a few short years ago, the layout and design of this hotel were masterfully revamped and drastically improved to great levels of success – It’s upgrades have seen it win many awards by some of the biggest names in travel in the eastern hemisphere.

Patrons of the Altira Macau will find onsite dining, and a 38 story luxury hotel which provides a range of standard to extravagant luxury accommodations to it’s guests. The facade of the building as you gaze upon it for the first time is truly beautiful as a live waterfall runs down it’s sides – this is a truly gorgeous example of the fine architecture of the region. As guests make their way through the main lobby they will feel a grand sense of opulence which envelops this rather decadent five-star hotel.

You may notice immediately that the front lobby is adorned with an array of Baccarat tables – these tables are not as busy as some of the other gambling sites throughout Macau. They offer a relatively calm and relaxed gaming environment when compared to other casinos of the region. It’s location in Taipa is likely the cause of this less densely populated atmosphere, which is separated from the Cotai Strip and Macau Proper for example. However, the staff here is professional and friendly, and it’s location does lend itself to somewhat convenient access to the Macau Jockey Club & Racing Complex – which is just past the nearby river. Other nearby locations include the Hotel Taipa Square, and the Grandview Hotel and Casino. Both of these fine hotels are a bit closer to the MJC if that is where you have you eyes set on while in the Taipa region. The Altira Macau & Mocha Slots Hall provides an excellent experience by way of pleasant staff, lightly populated game room floors, and many luxury amenities and accommodations enhanced by the wonderful customer service provided by this hotel. We do strongly recommend a stay at this gem of Taipa.

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